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Happy Middles

I was recently around a couple who I know, and that have been together for decades. I love the strength in their relationship. I listened as they bickered at each other in soft tones, and I just smiled. The husband remarked to me “and you want to be married someday”? I kept smiling and (before I realized what I was saying, or how it would be taken) I stated, “yes I do, I would love to have senseless arguments with someone”. They both laughed, and it took my brain a minute to catch up to what I said and how it could have been taken extremely bad! A bit later I apologized for how it came out and the wife told me not to worry about it. By that time they were over the silly thing they were discussing, and the tension was gone. I still felt the need to explain. When people have love in their hearts for one another, the little quirks or annoyances of the other person is truly insignificant (in the grand scheme of things). I smiled at their bickering because I knew it was a fleeting emotion for them both, and in the big picture of their relationship……they were going to love each other through it all. I know this because I have watched them face the big things together….and they’ve been through some big stuff! The big stuff can either bring you closer together or further apart. I’m so happy to constantly witness couples who have been blessed with a person in their life that they can be strong with; it’s a beautiful thing. It’s the thing that not even Hollywood can reenact. I pray that you notice the beauty in the bickering today AND smile because there is love behind it. Fairy tales usually have happy endings, but they also always have trials to go through….and the story doesn’t really end on the last page. If two people are still alive and have love….their story can go on chapter after chapter. Enjoy as many happy middles as possible with the ones you love while you can….your story isn’t over yet….and neither is mine.