Hurt People Hurt People

This saying has been going around in so many circles that it makes my head spin. Whether the rich want to be richer by way of manipulating people‚Äôs emotions, or the empathic want to spread love to those who need love to gain more empathy themselves, one thing is made certain, God takes note ofContinue reading “Hurt People Hurt People”

Equality, Inclusion, and Reevaluation…Where Do You Stand?

For generations women have been fighting for equality in the workplace. It stemmed from a time when women were working at home, raising children, keeping a clean house, being the chef in their own kitchen, managing schedules of their family, and some were also the secretary of their husbands. Often women had no money ofContinue reading “Equality, Inclusion, and Reevaluation…Where Do You Stand?”

Happy Middles

I was recently around a couple who I know, and that have been together for decades. I love the strength in their relationship. I listened as they bickered at each other in soft tones, and I just smiled. The husband remarked to me “and you want to be married someday”? I kept smiling and (beforeContinue reading “Happy Middles”

My Love

I’ve loved and I’ve been loved. I’ve been hurt and I’ve done some of the hurting. One thing that has never changed is: I never give up. I believe in a love that cannot ONLY be felt….it can be seen! It is like a light that beams from someone’s eyes. It comes straight from theirContinue reading “My Love”

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